Fultondale Mayor Jim Lowery

August 27, 2012.

Fultondale, AL – Fultondale Mayor Jim Lowery’s Political Action Committee “Keep Moving Fultondale Forward PAC” was in the news again today. Today, Council member Kay Hicks tendered a letter announcing her resignation from both the City Council and her position as Chairperson and Treasurer of “Keep Fultondale Moving Forward PAC”.

“Certain decisions of the Political Action Committee were made and executed without my knowledge, consent or approval”, Ms Hicks stated, “and such actions are in conflict with my professional ethics and personal beliefs.”

Ms. Hicks had been named to those positions with “Keep Moving Fultondale Forward PAC” in registration filings with the Jefferson… Continue reading

Kay Hicks Chairperson and Treasurer PAC

Political Action Committee “Keep Fultondale Moving Forward PAC” has stirred up quite a controversy in this northern Birmingham suburb this week with a political mailing distributed to voters and has some in the city up in arms and many asking questions.

Pictures in the mailer, a slick, magazine-sized, four page production in full color, show Fultondale mayoral candidate John Douglas in some rather unflattering pictures, dancing while holding a beer in his hand. Opening up the booklet, you also see Douglas and some other men “mooning” a gentleman sitting in a chair on the dance floor of Home Field Sports Grill – Douglas’s popular… Continue reading

To my fellow citizens of Fultondale:

I apologize to the citizens of Fultondale that Mayor Jim Lowery (through his “Keep Fultondale Moving Forward PAC”) has felt the need to resort to a smear campaign against me, rather than addressing the real issues of our City:

1) You want Fultondale City financial information made public. 2) You want City Council meetings scheduled for citizens’ convenience. 3) You want your Civic Center and Park replaced as he promised seven years ago. 4) You want your kids to be top priority at our ball parks not traveling teams from other cities 5) You want a Middle School, so your 12 year-olds don’t have… Continue reading